Dedicated to Azi

Perhaps I didn’t belive the fact, that you were gone 
I couldn’t trust my own eyes just a bunch of lies
Was it true, or was I paranoid from the weed
And more I tried to focus but I couldn’t see
And in my mind you’re still alive and I’m wrong 
Looking to your future cause the past, is all behind
Is it a crime, to wish, for what I’m saying?
Everybody’s dyin tell me what’s the use of tryin
We’re all trapped since birth, to the one certain thing, death 
But not in my wildest dreams, I see you leave before me  
And they say it’s the cancer and smoke you should fear
But, it’s was your own friend doin the killin here
I can’t lie, I got no love for that kinda friend
Justise aside, make me wish he had died instead 
Oh my Lord, tell me what we are livin for
Everybody’s dieing and soon I’ll knockin on heaven’s door
And everybody grieves, but still nobody sees
That we gotta stop and think before we re-act

I can see the images in my head
And you screamin I can’t make it 
A body full of bullet holes layin there naked
I’m having nightmares, about your homicide
I wake up screaming, sweating in my bed sheets
I’m calling out cause it hurts, to reminisce
How did it come to this? I wish that he had missed
Somebody help us, show us how to go from here
Cause even though boys cry, but does it change the fact?
Try to remember you, but it hurts
I’m walkin through the cemetary talkin to the, dirt
He better confess like a man, than live like a coward
There’s a god up in heaven, that knows what he did 
And our fate, is not a lifetime of hate
And I wonder why he was psycho going round strapped
Dont think even god will forgive him now



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