Sick, sicker and then there’s Me

I need to find you soon
Maybe its not too late
You got over me so easy
Maybe its nobodys fault
Even though you’re not with me
Still very much in my heart
Still looking for you in my dreams
So myabe I can be your lover
Who but me can by a single word
Get to you and calm you down
And in the last moment 
Stop you from leaving
Depressed by this cold world
And walking in the streets of nowhere
But when you are thinking of me
I can feel you, though you’re very far
But one of these days
These teers will dry me out
And your scent will vanish
From the dress you left behind
I need to find you soon
So you dont forget about me
And so your feelings for me
Dont get any less than this
I will find you some day
Even if it means the end of me
And i will hold you hand tight
Maybe you will belive in my love


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