Is there anyone out there who can help me ?

In the long twisted road of life
We all playing a role we are given
We are acting the script of life
But we are unaware of eachothers inside

Life is the birth of our memories
Its the begining of the show
We can always hope for the
Good memorys in our life

But behinde the scen of our life
All the good and bad is whats left behind
Life is nothing excepts the deeds we do
And the memories we leave behind

Its better not to lie to ourself
Life and time waits for no one
We are all here on borrowed time
Passengers in a none stop train
Looking out the window as life passes by

We all wear a mask on our face
We try to hide behind it everyday
So no one can see our smiles and crys
And we restarin our heart and soul

If you are sadend by your destiny
And your moments are clouded and rainy
Come to me and take my hand
And I will share my greatest moments with you

Enjoy :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G92ApOnB5C4


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