Where is my secret crowd?

Jag bestämt mig att lägga upp den här för att få lite eventuell feedback. Det är en ”work in progress” åt min tjejkompis Kiana. Den är långt ifrån färdigt och jag vet att vissa saker låter helt banala men det är ett beställningsjobb. Så ifall ni har förslag låt höra men åsikter om texten kan ni behålla för er själva. Tänkte passa på lägga upp den här låten. Band Of Horses – No Ones gonna love you – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7_s9H0BRrU

Hello you my excuse for being alive

Yes is me, the always crazy one

I want to die for your kindness

How is destiny treating you these days?

I was missing you so I wrote you this

If you want to know how I feel

I feel like the rose petals on a carpet

And I miss your loving eyes in my life

All the clouds are over my head now

And air is filled with sadness and grief

I can’t tell you enough about my sorrows

I was feeling a bit down last night

So I looked at heaven and screamed

For you to come, or take me there to you

Don’t know how much I have suffered

Without you, what I tell you is the truth

I have reached the end of the line

You went on and left me with

All the trouble and sadness in this earth

Your destiny was to leave this life and

I was meant to travel without a destination

You don’t know how much I miss you

I miss seeing you, I miss your kindness

I miss the way you kissed and caressed me

Can you even imagine that my heart is

Still bleeding for you, waiting and longing

Just for one look from your eyes

But I know, that one of these days

You will forget about me and my love

But then they will come and tell you

That your friend is dying too

How are your day’s way over there

Have you found any new friends?

Please don’t let me suffer like this

No more, please don’t let me worry

Please don’t lose me in this dark city

It’s a devious place with hundred pitfalls

I hope you are not sleepless over there

Being lonely don’t leave you cold and weary

Don’t forget your blanky during the night

And don’t accidently kick down your water glass

I have left you in the merceful hands of god


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