Only God Can Judge Me Now

Man säger och tänker ett o annat när man har feber. Jag varit sjuk i snart en vecka. Och jag har inte blivit bättre. Jag antar att om man har en hund som man måste rasta i det här kalla vädret så tar det längre tag att bli frisk. Hur som helst jag vaknade mitt i natten med feber och den här texten i huvudet. Så jag skrev ned den på papper och nu har den hittat sin väg hit….

Running down my cheeks
Are these tears I am trying to hide
But I’m too tired to even notice
That everyone else has noticed
Lost in my own world of you and me
Lost in my own fantasies of love

I was like a cloud and you blew me away like the wind
You were like my queen and you blew me off like a begger
I fell in love with you and you became somebody new
I wrote you a love song and you send it to someone else

My dearest, me lovely, not so easy to forget
For a moment in your present, forever lost in your eyes
I am in love with you, crazy for you, now wishing I could forget you

I am just loving you without you knowing or seeing me
Wondering the cold streets of life without any place to go
Just hoping to catch a glims of your pretty face
Drunk, worried and totaly destroyed
All my dreams of you and me shattered to eternity
Maybe someday, some how, I find peace in my heart

Right next to the shooting star I made a wish upon
Is the dark cloud of misery that follows me around
So tired of running away from it, I cant face the truth
Its just because I am so in love with being in love with you

You were my moon that got covered by the clouds
I wished for cloud to rain so you wouldn’t see me cry
But it just snowed so I wrote your name next to my snow angle
But it all just melted before you got to see it
So I just tried to tell you about it but you fell asleep

Nancy Ajram Remix : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOssUoezNno


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