Never Want To Say It’s Love

I am going to be just like you from now on. Please dont say a word. Please dont say anything. We have nothing more to say. I am tired of  you and your excuses. Days when my heart said I love you are over now. Days when I forgave your innuendos, and when I said it doesn’t matter. I am going to be just like you against you. A none friend and dissloyal. You leaving me, wasn’t  the end of my heart and life that you think. And I dont miss your lies and your so called love. You tried to tell me with everyone of your looks, that you were leaving me. You tried to convince me that you didn’t love me anymore. When you finaly understood that I really love you, told me that you have someone new. That you were gonna give him your undevoted love. Give him the moon and stars. Fine I am gonna be just like you then.

Beyonce – Broken Hearted girl



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