Give it up, all you wannabies

Twentysix and I was havin’ a ball
I was in a club and I thought knew it all
I fell in love for the very first time
With this girl she really blew my mind
Inner sense and whole lotta class
Style that could give you whiplash
We said hello and my heart beat stopped
She was the world and I was on top
Time went by, She filled my universe
We made love, She said I was the best
My boys kept tellin’ me. Yo, I don’t know
I think your girl’s been playing tic tac toe
I’ll ask my girl I know she only loves me
Wasn’t I the one who is your one and only?
The look on her face read sorrow and gloom
She said ”Yeah, Why do you always ask this?”

Hey guys
Have you ever had a gal
Go away for work, come back with a tan
Comes home late at night from work
You cooked her dinner now you feel like a jerk
Sayin’ she did have time to eat
Now she’s not even hungry, she wants to RETREAT
To the bedroom, she saids her head hurts
You’re only makin’ love in radical spurts
Mysterious calls and the phone goes click
You say to yourself  ”I’m gonna hit her with a brick”
Ain’t no way she could be cheatin’ on me
But I wonder who bought her those bikinis
Dressed to a T to hang with her gals
Over to the clubs and I’m getting jealous
Comin’ home late smellin’ like mens perfume
Yeah thats the signs that make you go hmmmmmm


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