I dont wanna do you wrong

Please don’t say
What I think
You’re about to say
Don’t take
The mood away
By asking questions
You already know
The answers to
No, You’re not my only girl
I ain’t tryin to be your man
We had an understanding
So then why are you acting
Like you, No longer understand

Don’t fall in love Girl
I’m not the one
No emotions, babe
We just having fun
All I’m gonna do
Is hurt you

It’s kinda why
I didn’t wanna start this
In the first place
But you lied to me
Said it’s cool
If we do our thing
You know I never ever
Lead you on, that’s wrong
I cant change my ways
Baby, why can’t we just
Stay this way
Don’t fall in love

Baby Please
Don’t fall in love
Baby I’m no good for you
All I’m gonna do
Is hurt you Baby
Please, don’t fall in love

Don’t fall in love
With me baby
Don’t fall in love with me
Cause all I’m gonna do
Is break your heart


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