The day before the day

We all get to wish at least once a year. ON your birthday. Some get a few more chances, maybe over eyelashes, shooting star och coin in a fountain. And every once in a while, one of those wishes comes true. So what happens when it comes true? Do we get happy or do we realize we have a long list of other wishes that didn’t come true? We wish because we need help and we are scared. Because we think that we are asking too much. And what about people who dont have anything to wish for? That everything is exactly as they want it to be? Do they wish for nothing to change? They still wish, because sometimes even the strangest wishes come true. We dont wish for the easy stuff. We wish for big things, hard to get thing. Things that are ambitious, out of reach.

Dido – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJcrFfE5QMI 


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