You have been warned !

First off, fuck you bitch and the fame you claim
You claim to be a player but you just look fucked up
Steady, I keep bustin on the fools, you know the rules
I ain’t your motherfuckin friend anymore
That’s why I dont give fuck, bitch, you’re fucked for life

Watch your ass, when you see me yeah
Stay away, when you see me, uhh
Wanna fuck with me, but you’re just a punk
You fucked me, but you little punk didn’t finish me
Now ya bout to feel the wrath of a me
Check it out, you muthafucker know what time it is
Fuck with me and its payback time, thats what it is
I’m not gonna let my little homies ride you
Bitch made, punk ass fool, I deal with you myself

Get out the way yo, get out my way ho
Or, I’ll smoke your juniors in front of you
See em punked with your mouths open
Tryin to come up to off me, you’re in the clouds hoping
But you get burned muthafucka, you deserve to cry
Talkin about my homies gettin you? But its funny to me
All you do is living bummy, why you’re fuckin’ with me?
While we are self made milionares
Nice livin with our hands in the air, hahaha
Bitch, remember when I used to sleep on my couch
and you didnt asked me to sleep next to ya, ahh
Now its all about the punk, who you took to replace me
Your two-timing couldn’t drop me, I took your shit, and smiled
Now I’m about to set the record straight, so watch out
I’m now the man that you love to hate
Motherfucker, karma will hit you up
I’ll tell you to ya face you aint shit but a faker

Now you tell me who won?
If I seen him, the fucker better run
Oh yeah, shit gets deep, still wanna fuck with me?
You little punk ass motherfucker, its like that
You fuckin with me? Bitch go away, you fuck around
You better back the fuck up, or get smacked the fuck up
And if you wanna bring drama, bring it
I wanna keep it real, dont deal with drama queens
Fuck you and your motherfuckin mama
Now when I came out I told you
I just wanna be left alone yo..
Well this how I wanna do this,
And if you wanna be down with that boy
Then fuck the both of you bitches
Keep your head down or, fuck you, die slow motherfucker
I will make sure all your kids don’t grow
You motherfuckers can’t touch me or see me


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