Get back M*F* you dont know me like that

Heads up! and Watch out !
Here’s another warning!
And a  another one
Why you all in my ear?!
Talking a whole bunch of shit
That I ain’t trying to hear!
Get back, muthafucka You don’t know me like that!
Not anymore, so get back ! muthafucka You don’t know me like that!
I aint playing around, so make one false move and I will take you down

Like hey little stupid! don’t make me lose it!!
I came, I saw, I will  hit you right dead in the jaw
Send you on your way cause I ain’t for that talk!
We split like two pins at the end of a lane
I’ll knock out your lights out and put an end to your fame
Put a DTP pendant at the end of your chain
Then put your booty of a Swisha at the end of a flame

HEY! What do you want with me?!
I’m telling you just one time, don’t FUCK wit me!
GET DOWN! Cause I ain’t got nothing to lose
If I’m having a bad day, don’t make me take it out on you!

Man! Cause I don’t wanna do that
I want to have a good time and enjoy my time
Sit back and watch the women get drunk as hell
So I can wake up in the morning with a story to tell
I know it’s been a lil while since I been upbeat and happy!
But now I’m here, you wanna stand around running your mouth?!
I can’t hear nothing you saying and you’re spitting, so whats up!
Don’t you see that I’m on my way up?! Just shut the fuck up!!




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