Karma is a powerful thing

You were always searching for evidence
That I have been cheating
Checking my phone or pockets for no reason
Looking for proof, but you were wasting time
Truth is you were thinking I was like you, a cheater
Always afraid if I even looked at your phone
You told me you were going to confess
If I came clean with what I had done
Instead you gave me a bunch of lies
Still you think I am just a fool
You can say whatever about me
But truth of the matter is that
I would never do you wrong
And you will miss me now that I’m gone
Yeah you will regret it, deal with it

You started playing this game
So now you gotta deal with that
And oh its such a shame that
You couldn’t be real about it
But karma will catch up with all of it
Now its been more that a couple of months
That we are not even speaking
And you are still thinking that
I am thinking about getting even
Why dont you stop acting a fool
You were the one who was incognito
And creeping behind my back

Why you always tried to switch it around
And put the blame on me, for your faults
I cant believe the nonsence you gave me
How can you tell me that I let you down
If you had a little bit of conscience
You would have explained your self sooner
Instead of fliping the coin over to me
All it was a way for you to come up
With an excuse and slowly get away
Too afraid to tell it strait to my face

For over sex years I stayed with you
Laid with you and this is how you play it
But its OK, its alright, go ahead and scram
By the time that you wake up from your dreams
You gonna regret it when karma hits you
And you just lost a good man, that all


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