Amazing, By Kanye West

Låten tilltalade mig så mycket att jag kände för att lägga upp min egen version av den. Så här kommer min egen alternativa text till Amazing.

It’s amazing
You think you’re the reason
Everybody got up this evening

I’m exhausted
Barely breathing
Holding on to what I believed in

No matter what
You’ll never take that from me
My pride is as far as your eyes can see

It’s amazing, so amazing, so amazing, so amazing, it’s amazing

You are a monster
You’re a killer
You think I’m wrong, yeah

I’m have a problem
That I never
Ever will solve

Okej I’m the monster
I’m a maven
I know this world is changing

Never gave in
Never gave up
You are the only thing I’m afraid of

I’m amazing
Yeah I’m all that
You’ll find out soon enoughe
I’m what you call Victorious

Yeah I am a warrior
We could have made history
But you strive for the next victim, see

While I am Standing at my podium
I’m trying to controle my emotions

I’m amazing
Born on a full moon
While you were bred to kill

That’s why I’m so good
Summer time, no juice
Big family, small house and no room

And you are fine, like oh god
well thats getting  too old
Look what I have been through
I do deserves an applause


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