Speak of the devil

Come rolling into town unaware
Of the power that you had over me
And what am I to do now?
With hello how are you
Nothing’s ever what it should be

And I don’t care about you
If you don’t care about me
So we go our separate ways
Its what you wanted
The ties of love are strong
But they can be undone
And we’ll go our separate ways

I’m turning into me, not you
I can change my mind not my blood
And not all who love are blind
Some of us are just too kind
We forgive too much
And never speak our minds

I’m giving up on you
And I’ll turn my heart to something new
And we’ll go our separate ways
Because now I want to

I stood out in the rain
Holding my breath
Waiting for you
You never came
You broke my heart
You broke my spirit
I know who’s to blame
You’re to blame, and I’m to blame


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