Time spend wishing, is time wasted

I heard about it happening
I never thought it could be
The way she looked into my eyes 
It caught me by surprise
She opened up my life
She wasn’t like other girls
She wanted to be my wife 
I thought I got played 
But she told me don’t be scared 

I said I liked her style 
And she said she liked my lips
You ever met a girl
you can’t get out your mind
you go to sleep and she in your dreams
She is with you all the time
This was the way it was
I thought it was meant to be
Untill I picked up her phone one night
And it was some other guy
She said he was her new man 
I said is that a fact?
She said I should let her go and play
But she would always come back
I said that can’t be true
She said it always is
I just turned my back and left
I cant believe this shit

Linkin Park – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hMGUH2WGsc


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