Why? Just because….

With an urgent, pitiful stare,
I see panic in those eyes.
I remember you lying there,
thinking about that last time

If you hear a distant sound,
And some footsteps by your side.
When the world comes crashing down.
I will find you even if you hide.

If you wish it, wish it now.
If you wish it, wish it out loud.
If you want it, say it now.
If you want it, say it out loud.

We all make mistakes.
And they turn us inside out.
We all make mistakes.
Use the lifeline if you have one left.

There’s a field near the dream.
I watched it grow with brightest eyes.
I watched us all reach out and read.
Felt its strength as I touched the sky.

Its a good time to be quiet

Its a good time to be quiet


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