For the Lost souls 10 years ago

För tio år sedan hände något hemsk i en Lokal i Göteborg. En anlagd brand tog 60 unga liv och skadade fler som hade inte chans att ta sig ut. Till minnet av detta har jag skrivit något som är inte helt klart men kommer uppdateras och finputsas. Kritik och förslag tas gärna emot.

Imagine like it never happened, will it be better?

Imagine no fire, no young life’s lost, amen

Imagine those young ones all grown up now

Imagine them having all the action now

If they never set foot in that door then

Imagine, but life is harsh, how could it be?

It would be like living in a city that god forgot


Imagine some of them being parents now

And they hear their kid’s call them mom and pop

But instead it’s their mothers dealing with this tragedy

Dealing with the fact that they outlived their children

Imagine a life where they cannot win


They say they lived in the ghetto and they wouldn’t end up right

That they would probably end up criminals and go right to jail

And if on the streets they would be up to no good

Imagine that night 10 years ago thought nothing went wrong

I would like to imagine that but it wouldn’t be right

They lost their life and soul and remembering them is honoring them


Before we go on our lives as if it was just the next day

Picture that year, and all those young faces

Hang their pictures in the sky and take your hat off

Say a pray for their family who live with this loss everyday


I think I would only be happy if I learned something

From this misery has to come something good

Be happy just to be alive, watching just the leaves fall off

So for everyone’s sake don’t imagine them being gone for nothing



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