Its always darkest before the light

We had been in storm as long as I can remember
Sometimes together, sometimes me by myself
I thought if I had you I wouldn’t drown
But beeing with you is like walking on thin ice
And I thought if I fell threw you would catch me
But no you didn’t, you just pressed on and didn’t look back

I got lost under the ice, got caught in the current
And I got stuck under the cold water, as cold as your heart
As I was drowning and it was as darkest, felt the sun
She shined on and melted the ice, so I could catch my breath

I was barely surviving, as I was under the surface
I guess you braught me out on the ice to see me drown
I thought if I only was true to you, I would be alright
And the strom would turn into light
But as true as I was, you were just as untrue.

Mohsen Yeganeh


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