It was all an illusion

Listen I’d be a liar if I told you
That I didn’t see it coming
Be more of a liar if I said
Hey I didn’t want us to be married
But I deserve much better
For the love that I have given
I know you won’t believe it
But girl I swear
That I got love for you
Big love for you
Even when I’m all by myself
The fact remains that
You will always be my baby

I guess I have to kill my feelings
Especially when the whole world can see

That my heart is not in its places

I had you in my life and I wanted do right
But now it’s hard to let it go
When my love has no love for me
Someone tell me what’s a man to do
When he’s loving you
And he don’t wanna lie
But he can’t handel the truth

I know you feel it but you didn’t stay
There is much more to this story
But I’d be a fool to say
I trust and knew, you’d always be mine
I know thats not what you wanna hear

I wanna tell you that it’s over
That I am not thinking of you
I wanna really mean it
And I want you to see it
That I’m really trying to leave you behind
And I’m trying not to cry
I wanna tell you that
I ain’t playing games and I’m dedicated to change
But when I look in the mirror
It’s the same old me


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