I couldn’t say it any better myself.

This is a story of how it is
Lovin’ you every morning
Good loving every night
That is what I gave you,
And you were so satisfied
Dinner on the table every thursday
There were flowers when you were sad
Anything you asked for
Was it all real or just in my head?

Think now, of what it should’ve been
Our love, all it could’ve been
If you were ever wondering
I’m doin’ fine, but in my mind

I could never believe and never understand
How you could do this to me
Enough is enough, done all I can
Now you’re gonna lose me
Throwing away our yesterdays
Everything we planned
Cause girl, I will never understand

How you feelin now?
Are you happy now?
I’m doing just fine

Girl, you are a mystery
So glad, that we’re history
Guess we were never meant to be
And I’m doin’ fine, but in your mind
Are you happy now baby?
That we’re history

I’m just throwing away our yesterdays
Giving it up on the plans we made
Enough is enough, done all I can
This girl I will never understand
I could never believe, never understand
How you could do this to me
Now you’re gonna lose me


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