I am not paying for your mistakes anymore

Is it because I treated you badly?
Why am I always the accused one ?
Protecting yourself, from somebody like me ?
I’m not who’s hurting you

And it’s killing me girl you never trusted me
Always guilty before the sin
I can’t win, I can’t win
I did everything to prove I love you
But Baby girl I refuse to
Pay for something I didn’t do
I love you, girl
But I refuse to stay
Paying for your mistakes

You left a scar across my heart
Do you understand, girl ?
I am not leting this wrongs tear me apart
You swear that I was cheating
I think you just don’t care
Why must I do time
For your own crimes
Girl you know thats not fair

I know that I did you wrong once
But tell me what does that have to do with me now
Tried to show you something real
Figure out what is going on
Before you look up and I’ll be gone..
I did all I could to prove my love to you
Baby girl but I refuse
To pay for something I didn’t do


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