Just the two of us, my version..

From the first time I laid my eyes on you
I knew I would die if you wouldn’t be mine
A lot of questions rose in my crazy mind
That if I would be man enough for you

Do you right and show my love for you
In the nightclub that first night
took me an hour just to approach you
You an eye candy for all the guys
Got me all nervus while talking to you
cant forget the first night I spend with you
That night dont think one wink I slept
I was up all night watching you sleep
Touching and kissing you gently and felt
My heart melt when you were in my arms
And realized that I might love you more than myself
So I am on my knees begging lord please
Help me be a good man to her, what she needs
Love, trust, and honesty too

And I pledged my life to you
Just the two of us, we can make it if we try
Just the two of us , You and I
Sometimes I wonder what life has cut out for us

A home, a cat and dog and children too
That makes me wanna kiss you all the time
But I will have to be able to trust you
You hurt me few times, why you do that ?
I tried to forgive and forget because
Crazy joy when I see my unborn children in your eyes
I promise you, that I will always love you
Its a full time job to make a relationship work
Its much more than just buying flowers and I love U’s
I want to kiss and hold you all the time
And I will trust you with you life

Everything I can do to be your only man
I will be gentle, honest and loyal
I dont mind if we fight as long as we make up
And you can cry on my shoulders
I will cry on yours, because its no shame in it
In life people might let you down
disrespect you and treat you bad

Let god deal with the things they do
And remember I´ll be there to have your back
I ask you to tell me the truth
Share your secrets and pain and know
We are the living proof that love is true
I love you and I will be here for you
Just the two of us, against the world
Just the two of us, you and I


1 Response to “Just the two of us, my version..”

  1. 1 greatpoetrymhf
    11:10, tisdag, april 1, 2008 kl. 11:10

    Wonderful. You are very gifted and I wonder do you have the answers for each failed relating-ship? Or, rather, is this the spot whereby one can learn that that are not alone in being alone?


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