Stop torturing my soul

You cant see the shadows
In my daydreams of you 

And you cant feel the torture in my mind 

Baby you dont realize
I am lost in my crazy dreams of you 

All night I feel blind 

Because you never got to know my love 

I am trying to hide it inside 

Kill it before it kills me 

Its creeping my soul 

Trying to take control 

Baby its really you and only you 

You have the secret key to my heart 

Never thought I would let you go far 

I thought of you as an angel 

An angel i could fall for
And I thought I feel just fine 

Living with all the lies 

You tell me you love me 

But then you leave me 

So you cant love me 

Just let me be then 

Because you just keep torturing my soul 

When you just tell me that you love me 

But you dont show me love 

I keep myself from coming to get you 

I imagen coming and knocking on your door 

You open the door and I take you 

In my arms, your lips on mine 

Our cloth just fall without a word 

And our bodies melt into one 

We make passionate love 

The way that only we can 

But no I cant 
I have to stop thinking crazy 

And you have to let me be 

Just as I everyday let you be.


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